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About Us

Established in 2005, our Office is absolute committed with ethics, with the quality of human relationships and the development of society.

We believe in the importance of the service we render, as a tool for promoting better quality of life and protecting the regular exercise of rights. 

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Our Activities

Ghedine Moreira Lawyers has specialized team in preventive assistance, administrative and lawsuit in the area of ​​health and occupational safety, especially occupational accidents and diseases.

Our practice involves representation in administrative proceedings before the Public Prosecutor's Office and representation in court in Lawsuits for damages and labor claims for occupational diseases and accidents at work.

We have been working with consulting and preventive by analyzing technical and legal aspects related to the occupational area.

Ghedine Moreira Lawyers has extensive experience in legal services for the financial sector. We provide advice on securitization operations, negotiation, purchase of products and banking services.

The office's activities involve advisory services to financial institutions, preparation, negotiation and implementation of financial transactions in national currency.

We provide technical and legal advice in the structuring of guarantees, such as, commercial and industrial, guarantees, fiduciary assignment, fiduciary alienation and domain reservation, among others.

We also act as legal advisors and counselors to raise funds through financial bills, agribusiness and real estate titles.

We work in all areas of Civil Law, including Commercial branch, both for individuals and legal entities.

Our team is made up of professionals specializing in Civil Procedure, given its importance in Civil Litigation, which allows us to act safely and effectively both in preventive technical advice and in legal representation in lawsuit.

Our activities cover legal business, compliance with obligations, all kinds of contracts, constitution of guarantees and securities, business activity, law and societies, ownership, possession, among others.

Family conflicts require attention that goes beyond legal counseling, given the emotional exhaustion that it cause to the parties involved.

Aware of this fact, our team is prepared to act in the mediation of conflicts in a holistic way, aiming at efficiency and satisfaction for the parties.

We act in the legal advice for both real estate and individuals, through assistance in real estate transactions, covering real estate business in general, such as real estate purchase, sale, real estate financing, real estate guarantees, real estate development.

The office's activities include advisory to companies, representation and defense of legal entities and their partners, acting in police investigations and criminal actions.

​Our social security team is highly specialized and active, which allows us to offer qualified legal advice in the area.

Our work includes representation in administrative and Lawsuit proceedings involving general pensions, sickness benefits, accident insurance, old age and special needs benefits.​

​We also act in labor claims involving matters relating to public or private pension, as well as administrative and lawsuit proceedings related to the employer's social contribution requirement.

Ghedine Moreira Lawyers has specialized team in intellectual property, in its various branches: trademarks, patents, copyrights, contracts and administrative and lawsuit, in Brazil and abroad.

Our work involves the services of monitoring and surveillance of trademarks, domain name, registration of intellectual works, software, unfair competition, patents and drafting of contracts in general.

The scope of the office in this area includes the analysis, preparation and review of consumer contracts, advice on issues of commercial practices and responsibility in consumer relations, lawsuit, as well as in the collective actions proposed by the Public Prosecutor's Office, associations consumers and others legitimized.

In addition to advisory services, the firm acts in the preparation of corporate documents, participation in general meetings of shareholders, underwriting contracts, investment contracts and others related to corporate relations.

In business advisory services, we act in a preventive manner, in order to minimize unnecessary liabilities or legal demands, through labor laws and their implications in the daily life of the company.

Also in the defense of the legal entity, we act in public civil inquiries, in infractions notices, individual and collective labor claims, hiring and dismissal of employees, in the outsourcing of services and contracting of suppliers and independent representatives, in the negotiation with unions, in the extinction of establishments or closure of activities.

In the labor dispute in favor of the individual, we act in proceedings in the administrative sphere as well as in the lawsuit.

Our practice in tax involves advisory and litigation counseling to companies in the administrative and lawsuit, providing technical capacity for efficient choices through a thorough analysis of the risks involved in each case, whether in the tax aspect or in the legal aspect itself.

We act in the tax planning also of the individual, in the advisory and litigation of the most diverse subjects involving taxes and fees, in the defense of the clients against municipal, state and federal appeals and in the administrative and lawsuit.



Specialist in Civil law, Social Security Law and Tax Law, including Family and Inheritance law, commercial and corporate law.



Specialist in Civil Law, Civil Procedure and Banking Law, acts in consumer relations, banking and finance law.



Lawyer, Accountant and University Lecturer, specialist in Civil law, Civil Procedure, Labor Law, Real Estate Law and Tax Law.



Specialist in Intellectual Property, Civil law and Civil procedural law at ESA – Superior School of Laws. Expert in Advisory, Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights in Brazil and worldwide. Board Member of Culture in ASPI – Association of Intellectual Property. Languages: Portuguese and English.

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