Who We Are

Established in 2005, our Office is absolute committed with ethics, with the quality of human relationships and the development of society.

We believe in the importance of the service we render, as a tool for promoting better quality of life and protecting the regular exercise of rights.

As a result, we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers, acting effectively, objectively, safely and responsibly. Our professionals always seek out- of-court solution of disputes, before proceeding with any litigation.

Our main concern is add value to the businesses of our customers, providing them with preventive assistance from the entrepreneurial perspective, mitigating exposure of risks avoiding losses with lawsuits and unnecessary disputes.

All the members of our Law firm, from the intern to the partners, are constantly improving, so our clients can be provided with highly qualified and specialized assistance with creative solutions and committed to the outcome and results.

Considering that we are not alone, we focus our efforts to create an environment to gather people and build a better reality, in which love, justice, peace and brotherhood shall be the community spirit.

This new age claims the construction of culture of peace, pro-activity and cooperation, due to the fact that humanity has achieved major technological advances that allow him to multiply in unprecedented scale.

Notwithstanding, so man can grow constantly from the material perspective, it is essential that the Consciousness prospers at the same rate to safeguard the means and essential conditions that allow him to maintain his development, with efficient use of potentialities and resources at his disposal.

Being aware of his own existence, for men kind is not sufficient; it is his transcendental nature the pursuit of happiness and bliss, instincts which are fundamental and universal to humanity.

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Phone: +55 (11) 4116-2423